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Mercile$$ Muzik was formed in 2010 as a partnership between Shon “DeMO” Reddick and Teddy Harmon……DeMO the songwriter, artist, and performer, and Teddy the music producer, composer and keyboardist.

Our vision is to be the standard of musical production and hit song writing for the new age of music. Our music is the universal language that speaks to the soul and unifies the ages. Music beyond…….

Mercile$$ is an entertainment and music production company that focuses on producing high quality music recordings spanning most genres. We bridge the record, film, TV, and commercial worlds. We believe independence fosters creativity and that’s how we roll with our artists. Artists have varying needs and creative demands, and it is our goal to provide the resources and tools that will enable them to realize their full creative potential. Our team has a combined 40 years of music theory, songwriting, arranging, production, recording, and performing, and a network of music and production resources. Our edge comes from our ability to draw on this experience and resources, combined with our vision, to enhance the creative process and provide our clients with an end product that exceeds their expectations. Check out our “Production” page for our services and offerings.

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See DeMO play with The Art of Sax

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